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DTF (Direct to Film) printing is the process of transferring an image onto fabric. It’s similar to DTG printing, just like direct-to-garment printing, but the process is slightly different when using a different type of printer. DTF technology is used to create everything from shirts to hats to trousers.
DTF printing can transfer any type of image onto fabric, not just garments.Follow me to learn about its wide application.

T-shirts are one of the most common items for DTF printing. T-shirts are always in high demand and are available for a variety of purposes, from schools to sports to other organizations.
From baseball caps and caps to other styles, hats can be difficult to print without damaging them. DTF printing makes it possible to print logos and designs on challengingly shaped hats.
Bags are a popular way to use direct PET film. Prints look especially beautiful on traditional canvas colors. DTF can print on tote bags, fanny packs, purses, drawstring bags and many other types of bags.

You can print your transfers onto all kinds of shoes!
Safety Vests
This is a great option to get some quick work done on those safety vests. An easy way to print a company logo on an essential construction item.
Like hats, masks are a great addition to your order. Especially contemporary young people pursue the beauty of masks!

A must for many restaurants and grocery stores, even a small logo on an apron can provide a higher level of professionalism and branding.
Printing Clothes Inner Labels
Many apparel companies choose to print labels inside their apparel products, and DTF printing is one way to do this.
Like sports jerseys, these garments can be embellished with DTF designs to produce unique sports fashion apparel. Pockets on mittens or shirts. Printing on a t-shirt might be easy, but when you want to print on a t-shirt pocket or the front pocket of a hoodie, DTF printing can help you print in these difficult areas of your garment.

Best DTF Printer
Open up a world of possibilities for your business. You can also easily print vibrant, full-color images on socks, hoodies, jackets, backpacks, bikinis and sweaters. unlimited.
If you need to make printed clothes, the best printer is a TEXTEK printer. Cooperate with DTF ink, DTF PET film, DTF hot melt powder and other printing accessories, the printer can provide professional appearance effect. Whether you want to get into fashion design or own a business that makes custom clothing, DTF printing has many different applications.

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