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Textek large format inkjet textile printing machine adopts intelligent operationg system, the entire process is automated and industrialized, no manual operation and it meets the requirements of mass production in the screen printing industry.
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We are a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D, production, sale and service of fabric printer. We supply TEXTEK large DTF printer, A3 DTF printer, sublimation fabric printer, direct to textile printer and related consumables, such as DTF ink, pet film, powder, etc.
By cooperating with world famous printhead manufacturers and software suppliers, we integrate exquisite and practical technology into our fabric printers. For many years, textek printer factory has been providing customers with many printing solutions with high-quality printers and competitive prices, and are committed to making customers easier to complete their printing work.
The Latest Company and Industry Events.
Jan 28, 2023
TEXTEK Good-Luck of Beginning in 2023
A new Year! New start! New Hope! Usher in the first day of construction with a brand new look! May the new year be better than the old one, please keep loving and go to the next mountain and river! Let's work hard together in 2023!
Jan 13, 2023
TEXTEK 2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice
The beauty of the mountains and rivers after the beginning of one yuan, and the renewal of Jinxiuchun in Vientiane. The enterprise takes off and flourishes, and the spirit of Longma inspires people. friends! Looking back and looking forward, we see a stronger and more brilliant TEXTEK standing ahead. In the new year, let us unite as one, with one heart and one mind, work hard, go forward bravely, seize every opportunity, meet every challenge, and jointly create a more brilliant and brilliant tomorrow for Thermo!
Jan 13, 2023
How to Maintain The Print Head During The Spring Festival?
The annual Spring Festival holiday is coming, TEXTEK accompany friends year after year, at the same time dtf printer also ushered in the annual hibernation period. Are you worried about the state of direct to film printer during the spring festival holiday? Next, TEXTEK will send you a guide to protect the best dtf printer’s print head during the Spring Festival. Friends, please pay attention to the protection of the print head!
Common Questions and Answers.
How to disassemble the printhead correctly?

We need to change the new printhead due the wastage or aging of printhead in the using process. But printhead is a sophisticated part, which needs operating according to the requirement when replacing a new one. Here are some specific points we need to pay attention to when changing new printhead:

A. Empty the extra ink in the printhead and clean it fully by using the special cleaning liquid;

B. Turn off the machine power supply and unplug the power outlet;

C. Use multimeter to test the fuselage to see whether there is electrostatic and release the static electricity;

D. Upload the right screw in fix to printhead, loosen the upper screw and the left screw, remove the printhead;

E. Put the printhead on the non-woven fabric with cleaning liquid and put it in the box;

F. The correct loading of printhead can avoid some unnecessary loss and prolong the service life of the printhead.

What should we do when the figure line inclined to one side?

1. The servo motor is broken, we need to replace the servo motor.

2. The encoder sensor is dirty, need to use cotton swabs dipped in water to clean.

3. The encoder sensor is broken, we need to change a new one.

Cautions when using Textek dye sublimation printers in Winter.
The temperature in winter is low, the printing machine is easy to be affected by the temperature,especially the printing quality. The Textek digital printing machine is a printing device that runs continuously throughout the year. How to ensure the printing quality of the printing machine in winter has become a problem that many customers have to face. So how to ensure the printing quality of the printing machine in winter?
The Textek digital printing machine inks are the most affected when temperature is low . Inks are liquid and are sensitive to temperature. The consistency of the ink changes when the temperature is too low, so the colorability becomes worse and the drying speed becomes slower. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the storage temperature of the ink in winter, we’d better to store it at a temperature of 15 ° C-30 ° C to ensure that the ink does not change due to temperature, which affects the printing quality.
As we all know, not only the temperature is low in winter, but the air is very dry and it is easy to breed static electricity. Static electricity is a ubiquitous physical phenomenon, especially in dry environments. Static electricity has a great impact on precision equipment, which not only affects the printing accuracy, but also easily damages electronic components. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay special attention to the grounding wire of the Textek digital printing machine in winter to prevent the build-up of static electricity, which will damage the equipment. In addition, please pay attention to the humidity of the working environment of the printing machine, it is best to maintain between 35% -65%.

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