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Hot Melt Adhesive Powder

Type: DTF Hot Melt Powder
Size: 25kg/bag, optional: 1kg/bag, 2kg/bag
Color: White
Purity: 99%
Purpose: Heat Transfer
Warranty: 3 Years
Fine powder, high color transparency, no impurities.
High degree of integration with ink, good adhesion.
High degree of integration with ink, good adhesion.
High degree of integration with ink, good adhesion.
Powder with certified quality, environmentally friendly.
Powder with certified quality, environmentally friendly.
Hot melt powder for apparel is generally an adhesive based on tpu polyurethane. The melting point is generally around 110 degrees Celsius. This temperature will melt the powder from particles to gel.

The difference between traditional hot melt powder and digital heat transfer powder.
1, traditional heat transfer does not need to melt into digital heat transfer. The main reason is that the glycerin and water contained in the ink used in traditional thermal transfer is not so great, digital thermal transfer needs to be fully dried, otherwise it will return to oil.
2, the traditional hot melt powder particles are relatively large, that is, the current digital heat transfer powder in the coarse powder, the size of about 120-250 microns. Digital heat transfer powder particles are generally used more in the powder and fine powder, fine powder particles are generally in 80-160 microns, the particle size of the powder in 100-200 microns, the larger the particle size fastness is better, hard feel.
3. The composition is slightly different. Traditional heat transfer powder can be selected according to the need to add different components of the powder to achieve different fastness, feel and tension; digital heat transfer powder is mainly high-purity tpu powder, pure tpu powder comprehensive feel, fastness, tension is more average, to meet the needs of most scenes; some mixed powder on the market for heat transfer to reduce costs or to achieve specific effects, but there will be varying degrees of good feel but poor fastness , weak coverage, easy to bleed, or mixed with other cheap products and other problems. Powder, hard to the touch, easy to crack.
Type DTF Powder
Color White
Melting point 100-110℃
Size 25kg / bag, optional: 1kg, 2kg, 5kg
Place of Origin China
Quality 100% Testing Before Send Out
Certificate Yes
Warranty 3 year
Usage Cotton, polyester,Linen, Nylon, Polyester-cotton, Nylon-cotton, any fabric which can do heat press
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