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Sep 30, 2022
TEXTEK Gets Good Feedback from Poland Dealer
At present, the customer's machine is running very well. At the same time, the customer also said that our after-sales service is the best among the many Chinese suppliers he cooperates with. Now the customer has planned to place an order for the whole container.
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24 inch (60 cm) DTF printer
Sep 28, 2022
TEXTEK Gets Good Feedback from UK Customer
If satisfied, he would plan to cooperate deeply with us to become our distributor. The UK customer finally decided to renew the order and get 7 more machines. We not only get good feedback from UK customers, but also appreciated by many of our customers.
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DIY A3 DTF Printer
May 04, 2022
Textek A3 DTF printer in the exhibition by our Czech agent
Now A3 DTF printer is very popular, not only because of its simple operation and wide application range, but also because it is not limited by fabrics and colors, it is the best choice for T-shirt printing. Our Czech agent brought DIY A3 DTF printer to the exhibition.
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A3 DTF Printer
Jan 14, 2022
Netherlands client order 6-color fluorescent A3 DTF printer
DTF printer is best printing machine for DIY t shirt printing at present. With development of customer's private customization, we took lead in developing and testing fluorescent color printing mode in A3 DTF printer, and achieved good results.
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A3 DTF Printer
Jan 13, 2022
Textek A3 DTF printer enter Portuguese market
After Portuguese customers recognized our strength, he immediately placed an order for 5 A3 DTF printer, which are currently best customized printer. No fabric and color restrictions, and can retain breathability of clothing, safe and harmless, especially suitable for baby's clothing.
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A3 DTF Printer
Dec 27, 2021
Spanish client places a returned order for 5 A3 DTF printers
Spanish customer is very satisfied with quality of our 60cm DTF printers after testing. And place a returned order 5 A3 DTF printers.
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