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Is It Necessary to Buy DTF Powder Shaker?
May 24, 2024
Is It Necessary to Buy DTF Powder Shaker?
Here's a summary of the key components in Direct to Film (DTF) printing and the benefits of using a powder machine:
The Essential Part of DTF Print: Film, Ink, and Powder.
Regardless of the production method, printer, or software used, the film, ink, and powder are the three essential elements of DTF printing. After the images are printed onto the film, powder must be applied and dried.
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What You Should Do to Leave Your DTF Printer in Stop Mode
May 21, 2024
What You Should Do to Leave Your DTF Printer in Stop Mode
Here are the key steps to safely leave your DTF (Direct to Film) printer in extended shutdown mode, such as during the summer, holidays, or vacations:
1. Planning for an Extended Period of Inactivity
2. Initiating Long-Term Shutdown Mode for Your DTF Printer
3. Extra Tips for Preserving Your Printer During Shutdown
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Versatile TEXTEK Hybrid Flatbed UV Printer
May 17, 2024
Versatile TEXTEK Hybrid Flatbed UV Printer: Unlock a Multitude of Printing Possibilities
Ready to take your printing to the next level? Introducing the remarkable TEXTEK Hybrid Flatbed Desktop UV Printer - a game-changing solution that redefines the realm of printing possibilities.
Prepare to be amazed by the sheer versatility of this extraordinary machine. With its cutting-edge capabilities, the TEXTEK Hybrid Flatbed UV Printer allows you to explore a wide range of applications and materials like never before.
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TEXTEK Special DTF Films
May 13, 2024
TEXTEK Special DTF Films Review
By using the appropriate heat transfer film, you can easily achieve various printing effects, including photo effects, gradient effects, metallic effects, luminous effects, etc., making the heat transfer patterns more unique and attractive.
DTF Gold Film has a shiny, gold-like luster, bright and high-resolution hot stamping effect, and great texture.
Let’s learn about several magical special effects of DTF printer films together.
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Uv film
May 09, 2024
What is Temperature Change UV DTF Film?
Innovations in printing technology continue to push boundaries, and one of the latest breakthroughs is TEXTEK temperature change UV DTF film. This unique type of direct-to-film (DTF) film adds magic to printed designs by dynamically changing color in response to changes in temperature.
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Dtf printer
Apr 23, 2024
Do you know what Powderless DTF is?
Today, technological advancement has become the driving force behind many industries. The printing industry is no exception, constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern consumers. (Powderless DTF) Non-Powder DTF printers are one of the latest innovations in printing technology. In this blog, we will discuss from 3 points what a powderless DTF printer is, how it is revolutionizing the printing industry, and why it may be the future of printing.
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