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Oct 05, 2022
What do you need for DTF printing?
The DTF printing must be printed on a special transfer film, hot melting powder on the back of the PET film, pressed into the clothing and peeled off the film if it is cold. The DTF Printers are so popular. The following is something about DTF Printer you’d better know.
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Spain C! Print Exhibition
Sep 29, 2022
TEXTEK in Spain C! Print Exhibition
As a high-quality agent owned by TEXTEK, the Spain agent display the newest TEXTEK DTF printer in C! Print exhibition in September.
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Sep 28, 2022
Daily Maintenance of DTF Printer Printheads
When the dtf printer prints irregular ink droplets and irregular patterns on the fabric, let's take a look at TEXTEK's method for the daily maintenance of the DTF Transfer Printer printhead to make our printhead last longer
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60 cm DTF printer with factory price
Sep 27, 2022
TEXTEK Printers Enter the US Market
Having communication with the US customer, he began to cooperate with us and will exhibit our machines at the US exhibitions because of the professionalism and innovation of TEXTEK DTF printers.
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dtf printer's ink cartridges
Sep 27, 2022
How to maintain DTF Printer ink cartridges?
What to do when the dtf printer prints various impurities on the t-shirt? Next, let's take a look at how to routinely maintain the direct to film printer's ink cartridges.
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Textek DTF Printer at Serbia Grafima Exhibition
Sep 26, 2022
TEXTEK DTF Printer at Serbia Grafima Exhibition
From September 21st to 24th , 2022, TEXTEK brand 30cm and 60cm DTF printer participate in the annual Serbian Grafima exhibition.
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