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uv dtf printer
Dec 04, 2023
How to Optimize UV DTF Printer Settings for Vibrant Prints
Unlock the secrets to vibrant UV DTF prints! Learn how to optimize your printer settings for unparalleled color and detail in every print job.
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Dtf printer
Nov 26, 2023
YOTO to the future together! Getting better and better!
On November 26, 2023, Henan YOTO Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. held an anniversary event celebration with the theme of "Thanks for having you, a promising future" at the Wuzhi factory. Nearly a hundred YOTO employee representatives witnessed this important moment.
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DTF Film
Nov 17, 2023
Should I choose cold peel or hot peel?
DTF Printing has a wide range of uses, the technology and effects are constantly being updated. What remains unchanged is that when the dtf film is hot transferred on the substrate, the film needs to be peeled off to complete the entire hot transferring process. However, some DTF PET films need to be hot-peeled, while others need to be cold-peeled. Many customers will ask why this is? Which film is better?
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Dtf printer
Nov 10, 2023
Take you through why your DTF transfer is not sticking?
DTF transfers have taken the printing world by storm. Unlike any other printing method, they last longer and remain vibrant even in extremely complex designs. Although it is popular for its high-quality output and adaptability. However, some users have complained that the DTF transfer paper cannot be pasted properly, resulting in unsatisfactory printing results and a waste of resources.
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Dtf printing machine
Nov 03, 2023
Why does printed DTF PET Film become oily after being stored for a period of time?
DTF Printing is a special hot transferring technology that uses specialized DTF machines and supporting consumables to hot stamp patterns onto clothing and other materials. Compared with traditional printing technology, it has the advantages of distinctive patterns, good durability, high breathability and the ability to realize complex designs. Today we will explain to you some common questions: Why does dtf printing film become oily? How should this situation be resolved?
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uv dtf printer
Oct 26, 2023
Do you know the white basic film and transparent basic film of crystal stickers?
To make crystal stickers, one equipment with strong performance is necessary, but do you know? Supporting consumables also need to be carefully selected.
After all, in addition to glue, there is another important factor that determines the firmness of crystal sticker transfer - the basic film.
Today I will explain to you a question that many customers are concerned about: White basic film or transparent basic film? Which one is better?
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