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Nov 22, 2022
Thanksgiving is Coming, Textek will Send You Blessings!
Report on turkey! Report on wine! Textek is here to report with the hot-selling 30cm dtf transfer printer, 60cm best dtf printer! May all the happy and lucky things come to you today. Let us celebrate this holiday together with gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Nov 18, 2022
Choose Textek DTF T-Shirt Printers, Quality Assurance!
Textek DTF shirt printers manufacturer is currently independently developing A3 DTF printer and 60cm DTF transfer printer. Our Romanian customers know our brand through the Internet. After a period of inspection, they recognize our product quality and service, and finally decide to start cooperation with us.
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Nov 18, 2022
American Agent Exhibits Textek 60cm DTF Printer with Auto Powder Shaker
The American agent participated in the exhibition with TEXTEK 60cm DTF printer with auto powder shaker, and achieved complete success. Our DTF printing machines were loved by many customers at the exhibition.
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Nov 18, 2022
TEXTEK DTF Printers Start New Cooperation with Bulgarian Client
TEXTEK DTF printers factory has more than 20 years of experience, and is in a leading position in product design and technical support. At present, the DTF transfer printers independently developed by us are: A3 DTF printer, A1 DTF printer. It is because of our strength that we have won the trust of more and more customers. After many comparisons and investigations, our Bulgarian customer decided to start the first cooperation with us, looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship.
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Nov 11, 2022
Which accessories for DTF Printer often have problems?
What accessories do DTF Printer often have problems with? The normal operation of the DTF printing machine is inseparable from the cooperation of thousands of small accessories. When there is a problem with some accessories, it will affect the normal work of the direct to film printer. Therefore, for some parts of the printing equipment, we must do regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in the best working condition.
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Nov 04, 2022
An Exciting Point about The TEXTEK DTF Printer!
We all know that DTF Printer realizes one-click hollow printing, no need for lettering, white and color printing, efficient and fast, and more stable performance. The printed images are colorful, rubbed and stretched without deformation, and have high washing fastness. In today's high-speed development of heat press machines, TEXTEK heat transfer film printer is also constantly updating and upgrading. Today, I will introduce a new function of TEXTEK TK-A3, TX65-2!
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