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DTF printers can not output white ink normally, which is the most common problem. So what are the reasons? The main reason is caused by white ink precipitation, but if it is subdivided, it is still related to the hardware of the machine. Next, let’s take a look at the causes and solutions.
Reasons why white ink cannot be output:
1. The nozzle part related to the machine hardware.
Commonly caused problems are: poor contact of the print head, that is, the cable of the print head is connected to the machine itself, and the software cannot obtain some data information of the print head, which makes it unable to output white ink normally.
The solution is as follows: Conventionally, we need to consider whether the cable of the print head is damaged due to long-term use, and then the cable of the print head is damaged due to the entry of liquid, the damage of the print head and the damage of the printing plate, which are some damages on the hardware of the DTF printer.
2. It is also related to the hardware of the machine. It depends on whether the ink path system of the whole machine is designed for the dtf printer during the manufacturing process.
Because of the particularity of white ink, white ink belongs to paint ink. During normal use, precipitation will occur, which is the main source of all problems. Therefore,  TEXTEK has made routine optimization for the ink system of dtf white ink printers, adding a stirring system and a regular cycle function, the purpose is to ensure that the ink keeps its normal concentration and activity during the process from the ink tube to the nozzle.
The white ink precipitation solution is as follows:
1. Ink Bottles: Before performing any printing or maintenance operations, you should shake the ink bottles to avoid sedimentation. This simple but effective method avoids many problems. Some printers currently on the market already include this feature.
2. Nozzle Cleaning: There are three solutions. The first one is solved by software, which is divided into two ways: clean ink and load ink.
If you have tried both methods and the problem is still not resolved, then you can use the second manual method to solve it, which can be divided into two types.
A. Soaking method: first seal the nozzle and ink pad together, Then soak it in warm water. After the impurities in the warm water are soaked, you need to use the software (clean ink) to proceed to the next step, and then verify whether the problem is solved.
B. If the soaking has not solved the problem, then you must consider the internal fault problem, such as in the nozzle. If there are too many blocked things, you need to clean the inside. First, inject the cleaning solution into the nozzle with a syringe to dissolve the impurities. After the impurities are dissolved, the impurities will flow out, and then the impurities will be drawn out. After that, you need to use a software (clean ink) to wash away the impurities. .
If the above two methods have not solved the problem, then you can use the third method: accessories troubleshooting method.
1). It may be that ink has not injected into it.
2). It may also be a software setting problem (the damper is broken, whether the ink pad is sealed, and whether the nozzle is completely damaged can be ruled out from these three points).
Usually we will suggest that the first solution can be used repeatedly, if the problem is not solved, then we suggest you to use the third solution.
3. Damper: If there is air in the damper, you can suck it out with a syringe. If the dampers have many deposits, you need to replace them.
4. Rinse: Clean the nozzle with cleaning liquid.

If it is a new printer, please check the following:

1. Make sure the ink path is working properly.
A. Make sure there is enough ink in the ink tank (at least 2/3), and the tank should be slightly loose.
B. Check the ink tubes and damper for leaks, breaks or bends.
C. Check whether the ink in each path is in good condition, and whether there is enough ink in the shunt device. TEXTEK all DTF printer have a white ink shunt buffer device to ensure smoother ink supply.
Tips: Please don’t print immediately after the newly installed printer is filled with ink. You need to wait about 10 minutes. When all stirring and circulating is fully working and the shunt device has enough ink, you can start printing.
2. Make sure that the print head cable is well connected with the carriage board.
If the print head cable is connected reversed, it may burn the head. Please follow the instruction guide step by step. TEXTEK all printer have a detailed connection guide, if you need, we can also install the print head before send out.
3. Make sure the spot color is set properly.
If the test of the white head and the color head are all good, and only white cannot output when printing, then please check whether your spot color channel is handled well in Photoshop or other software, such as the spot color layer and name.
Then check whether the spot color channel in the RIP software is set properly. Different RIPs have different methods, such as Maintop, RIPrint, Photoprint and CADlink. If you have any help on this, please contact TEXTEK team, we will provide professional solutions.
Secondly, if the printer has been working normally for a long time, suddenly appears white and cannot output, please check as below ways:
1). Nozzle testing of print head.
If the nozzle is clogged, clean it with cleaning liquid.
2). Ink quality and warranty time.
Check that the ink quality if the same as before, and the expiration date of the ink.
3). Ink path.
Check that everything in the path is working, same way as we mentioned in the first part.
Tips: The white ink filter and damper need to be replaced every 3 months.
4). Ink loading.
If the ink cannot be loaded, please pay attention to two points:
A. If ink tube loosed that under capping.
B. It may be that the nozzle and capping are not sealed well when the carriage returns to its position. Here you need to adjust the position until it is completely sealed. If you need help with this step, please contact us for a manual on how to adjust the position.
5). Circulating stirring system.
Make sure all ink pumps and circulation pumps are working properly to avoid white ink sediment.
6). Make sure the cable connection between the print head and carriage board is good.
In fact, there is another common situation, first the white ink output is normal, and then the white becomes light. After cleaning, the white output was better, then weaker again. Then it could be print head problem, the filter part inside the print head is clogged. You need to replace with a new head.
7). Working environment.
The temperature is usually 20-35°C and the humidity is 40%-75%.

Extending further, it will involve that the printed white ink is relatively light. Common causes and solutions for failures are as follows:
1. The machine has been stored for a long time, and the stirring system and the circulation function of the printer have not been turned on during the startup process, resulting in poor ink activity, and the white ink will be printed very lightly, so be sure to check the stirring of the machine whether the function of the system and circulation is complete.
2. During the process of filling the ink, the customer did not fully stir the white ink. During the process of filling the white ink, it must be fully stirred before filling, so that it can maintain the activity of the ink.

Our 60cm DTF printer adopts Epson original print head and Hoson board, equipped with white ink stirring circulation system and timing cycle function, currently can support 2/3/4 head configuration, high printing accuracy, printed clothes pattern can be washed. The self-developed new powder shaker can realize automatic recovery of powder, save labor costs, be easy to use, and improve work efficiency.

Our  30cm DTF printing machine, stylish and simple in appearance, stable and sturdy frame, equipped with white ink stirring circulation system and timing cycle function,with 2 Epson XP600 nozzles, color and white output, you can also choose to add two fluorescent inks, bright colors, high precision, guaranteed printing quality, powerful functions, Small footprint, one-stop service of printing, powder shaking and pressing, low cost and high return.

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