A New UK Customer Places an Order Again

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TEXTEK Gets Good Feedback from UK Customer
Our new UK customer T purchased a TK-A3 Pro DTF printer in early 2022. The customer is a local agent but has no experience in using this type of machine. Seeing that this kind of machine is very popular in the local market, therefore, he bought one device to test at first. If satisfied, he would plan to cooperate deeply with us to become our distributor.


The New UK Customer Places an Order Again

Due to lack of experience, after receiving the machine, the customer was faced with great problems in installation, but fortunately, we have a professional after-sales technical team, and we have created a We Chat technical discussion group for customers, in which our technicians communicate via video, telephone, remote control methods, finally helped the customer to complete the installation. In the process of printing, the customer also encountered many problems caused by lacking the knowledge of DTF printers. Still, our technicians could solve the problems perfectly, and our team could respond fast and efficiently. Our professional after-sales service has been appreciated by customers, and he said that even if our price is higher than that of our peers, he will still choose to cooperate with us.

Definitely, the customer is greatly satisfied with the test result of the machine, especially the performance of printing colors in detail, which has been appreciated by customers. The customer finally decided to renew the order and get 7 more machines. We not only get good feedback from UK customers but are also appreciated by many of our customers. Therefore, we could keep long-term cooperation with our customers, even our new customers.

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