Excellent Recognition of TEXTEK by Serbian Distributors

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Excellent Recognition of TEXTEK by Serbian Distributors
Serbian distributor A bought a FD70 DTF printer from our company last year.
The customer is a well-known local advertising printing equipment distributor, mainly selling eco-solvent printers and UV printers, but the customer sees the market prospects of DTF printers, so he wants to expand the scale, open up new markets, and switch to textile printing business.

DTF printers can print patterns on clothes, shoes, bags, pillows, hats, etc. Once installed, customers are full of praise for the machine, and customers also set up an independent showroom in the local area, attracting a large number of customers to visit every day!

This machine is composed of three parts: heat transfer DTF printer, automatic powder shaker and heat transfer machine. The production process is also heat transfer printing first, then powder shaking, and then transfer to the required items. The whole process of heat transfer printing The process is smooth, simple, efficient and fast. Among them, the heat transfer printer is also moulded one-key hollow printing, no plate making and lettering, no engraving, glue, white color and varnish are produced together, one step!
The washing fastness of the pattern printed by this machine is also very high. Repeated washing and long-term storage will not fade and the skin will not peel off. It is now widely used in the clothing industry. Therefore, customers are also interested in this market, especially if it is not used in the customer's country, seize the opportunity, will be able to earn greater benefits for customer!

TEXTEK's business covers many countries around the world, including emerging markets and mature markets. We have a complete sales system and are committed to using our professional knowledge and first-class service to help customers improve their digital printing business.

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