Breaking News! We are now launching a DTF Glitter Transfer PET Film!

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Breaking News! We are now launching a DTF Glitter Transfer PET Film!
How to print dazzling colors on T-shirts? After many tests, TEXTEK finally launched a new DTF Glitter Pet Film! Glitter transfers work great! Next! TEXTEK will take you to take stock of the advantages of the Glitter Pet Film and see your heartbeat!

First of all, let's talk about the product characteristics of Glitter PET Film. The internal structure of the product is mainly composed of protective film + plastic material containing shallot powder + PET Film. PET Film is a release substrate with sticky properties. Good elasticity, stretchable, soft to the touch, high coverage, bright glittery powder on the surface, easy to waste, cut, and resettable.

Let's talk about the application of Glitter Pet Film. First of all, it is mainly used in women's clothing and bags, children's clothing, personalized patterns and LOGO printing, etc. It fits all fabrics.

1. The operation is simple, fast and convenient.
2. No need for plate making, pure color, color and pattern can be set arbitrarily.
3. Good three-dimensional effect, uniform and delicate glitter powder, uniform flashing effect.

4. Resistant to rubbing, the powder cannot be washed by hand washing machine, and can be washed by various washing methods.
5. No glue opening, no breakage under high and low temperature environment, no fading of ultraviolet rays and sunlight.
6. It can be transferred by color registration to increase the richness and variability of the substrate, and is not limited to the color of the fabric. As long as it is a fabric material, it can be transferred. After transfer, it has good color fastness to washing water and adhesive fastness.

TEXTEK's business covers many countries around the world, including emerging markets and mature markets. We have a complete sales system and are committed to using our professional knowledge and first-class service to help customers improve their digital printing business.
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