The Difference between UV Flatbed Printer and UV DTF Printer

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The Difference between UV Flatbed Printer and UV DTF Printer
Recently, UV DTF printer (direct to film) is very hot in the sign market and label printing market, they both use the same UV technology, but do you know the difference between them? Here let us briefly understand it.

What is UV DTF?
UV DTF, also known as UV transfer sticker, is a ready-to-use process similar to self-adhesive labels. The biggest difference is that uv dtf is fully hollowed out, without film, tearing the film to leave words, the stereoscopic and the gloss is better. It can be transferred to most smooth flat labels and logo stickers with one tear and one stick.

UV DTF Application:
Can transfer 99% materials: plastic, glass, crystal, acrylic, ceramics, metal, cloth, leather, silica gel, wood products, etc., widely used in all walks of life, such as: gifts, handicrafts, food, home textiles, chemicals, Toys, catering, daily chemicals, tobacco and alcohol, medicine, hardware, machinery industries, etc.

The biggest advantage of UV DTF:
High timeliness, fast printing speed and short construction period. It is a better choice for personalized custom batch printing and making samples. Good effect, no color difference, low cost, high quality, can help users expand new business, stand out in the field of full-color printing

The printing equipment of UV DTF is UV DTF Printer, also known as universal printer, which can directly print uv dtf pattern text on the uv film, and the pattern can be taken up and pasted on the product after lamination. Digital printing, no need for plate making, avoiding the traditional film, silk screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing, offset printing and other complex processes of one-shot imaging, suitable for the production of various handicrafts, various logo patterns, printing as you want, as you want.

What is a UV flatbed printer?
UV flatbed printer, also known as universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer, breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realizes one-time printing, no need for plate making, and full-color image printing in a true sense. Compared with traditional printing processes, it has many advantages.

UV flatbed printer application:
1. POP display board. Use UV ink to print directly on hard boards, such as KT boards, acrylic boards, plexiglass boards, etc., which reduces the trouble of lamination, fading, and foaming, and saves a lot of labor.
2. Hard signage.
3. Cardboard or corrugated packaging.

The biggest advantage of UV flatbed printer:
Adopt the latest LED technology, the power is only 80W, power saving and environmental protection, no preheating, no heat radiation, no deformation of printing materials, long life of LED lights, waterproof and UV protection, and extremely low maintenance costs.

How are they different?
1. The medium is different.
UV flatbed printer can print on any kind of material, such as wood, acrylic, metal, etc. Anyone can be a medium. But UV DTF printers can only print on special film with glue (or print glue together with CMYK&White&Varnish) and then transfer to other substrates.
2. Different printing modes.
UV flatbed printers usually use a white layer for embossing effects, and white is used more than varnish. For UV film, we have higher requirements for varnish to ensure that the sticker looks brighter and easier to peel off.
3. The varnish ink is different.
4. Different pretreatment methods.
We know that for some materials with smooth surface, such as glass or ceramics, it needs to be pretreated with a primer first, and then printed with a UV flatbed printer. Different materials use different primers, which is also a cost. But with UV film stickers, no primer is needed, just pre-treat the material with alcohol before transferring.

UV Flatbed Printer Market Prospects:
UV flatbed printers can be suitable for small batches of personalized production, but also meet the production requirements of large batches and large batches, because the flatbed machine can work continuously for 24 hours, replacing the low-efficiency, low-capacity manual or semi-automatic screen printing market, due to one machine, one computer, and one labor can meet the production needs, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. In addition, it also solves the problems of high cost and high inventory of traditional production methods, and its personalized production features expand The business scope of printing products has stimulated the growth of demand, and the market prospect of UV flatbed printers is still considerable.

Market prospect of UV DTF Printer:
In the new consumption era, consumers care more about appearance than product quality. UV DTF printer can help you achieve this goal. Good packaging design can reflect the temperament and image of the product. It can also become a brand logo and increase brand awareness. In addition to good design, choosing high-quality printing technology can make product packaging more effective. The UV DTF sticker market is booming. It has also grown in popularity. A more three-dimensional and more advanced appearance has gradually replaced some advertising label stickers. More and more consumers have gradually recognized it. With the advancement of printing technology, the threshold for UV DTF sticker customization is getting lower and lower. The popularity of UV stickers in the market is getting higher and higher, and the market prospect will be unlimited!

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