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Best dtf printer for beginners,DTF Shirt Printer TK-A3 Pro

Textek’s business covers many countries around the world, including emerging and mature markets. We have a complete sales system and are committed to using our expertise and first-class service to help customers improve their digital printing operations.

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Printing Process:

1. First draw a picture with professional software, and then use a printer to print the pattern on the PET film
2. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of hot-melt powder on the printed PET film, and shake off the excess hot-melt powder
3. Put the PET film on the heat transfer machine and bake for 5-7 minutes until the hot melt powder melts, take out the PET film
4. Finally, put the T-shirt flat on the heat transfer machine, and paste the side sprinkled with hot melt powder on the T-shirt for pattern hot stamping. The hot stamping time is 15-20 seconds.

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