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What is the problem of ink accumulation in the print head of DTF printer?

During use of large DTF printer, due to environmental problems, occasional ink accumulation on printhead may occur; this situation will affect printing effect and print disconnection; if ink accumulation is serious, ink may drip onto print media and cause finished picture is scrapped. Today, Textek DTF printer factory will give you an analysis of causes of ink accumulation in print head, and give ways to prevent such failures.

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DTF printer is generally used in T-shirt printing, DIY customization and other industries. What is problem of ink accumulation on printhead of large DTF printer during use? Let’s take a look at it.

Phenomenon of ink accumulation on print head is mainly due to a layer of misty fine ink droplets on surface of print head, which will cause frequent nozzle missing during printing. Main reason may be that continuous ink supply system is too high, and indoor temperature and humidity are different from normal operating temperature of DTF shirt printer, static problems, etc.

For these reasons, there is no definite solution in market, but in usual printing operation process, work carefully according to working requirements of DTF shirt printer, this kind of problem can be avoided.

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